Our Leadership Team

Cathy Phillips

Senior Director, Corporate Leadership Solutions
Cathy  Phillips

Why I’m Here:

To consult with and identify client needs to provide customized leadership plans for organizations around teamwork, communication, relationships and leadership.

Ask Me About:

My twin sister and what it’s like to raise identical twin boys, skydiving in Mexico, scuba diving, white water rafting, zip lining and cooking my homemade spaghetti sauce for our big Italian family dinners.

Cathy Phillips is part of a passionate group of consultants handpicked by John C. Maxwell to develop corporate leaders through tailored resources, events and services.

As a client-facing leader in the John Maxwell enterprise, Cathy connects with clientele to gather and translate their needs into fully custom solutions.

Prior to joining the The John Maxwell Company, Cathy served in leadership roles with Premium Speakers Agency, Giant Impact and Helmsbriscoe. Her background in consultative sales, leadership and team building makes her an ideal partner for clients in corporate America.

Cathy is committed to community engagement, and has served in various volunteer, board advisory and counselor positions with advocacy organizations in her area.