Our Leadership Team

Linda McGuigan

President, Corporate Leadership Solutions
Linda McGuigan


To apply John C. Maxwell’s principles to transform how corporate leaders drive their mission through people engagement, common language and intentional strategy.


Photography, the best food in Atlanta and NYC, and my boundless admiration for family and friends.

Linda McGuigan is dedicated to equipping the leaders of corporate America with the tools required to achieve unprecedented success.

As President of The John Maxwell Company’s Corporate Leadership Solutions division, Linda has made a career out of authentic leadership and mobilizing others through an unbridled passion for people development.

Prior to joining the The John Maxwell Company, she progressed through senior executive management roles in Fortune 500 and startup organizations. Her record of success includes enabling multimillion-dollar revenue growth and building innovative sales programs for companies like AT&T, Sprint, Pitney Bowes and Alliant Technologies.

Linda graduated with distinction from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. She is an active member of the Global Board of buildOn and serves on the Advisory Board of Alliant Technologies.