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  • The growth of leaders in your company depends on how well they know themselves—their talents, personalities, and behavioral hardwiring. If they want to grow outwardly, they must get intentional about looking inward and discovering more about themselves. Here are 7 questions to help leaders develop greater self-awareness.

  • Some leaders think they show strength by never admitting mistakes. They want to be seen as fully competent and always in control. Ironically, this stubborn mindset can leave your leaders at their most vulnerable. Leaders who refuse to admit mistakes will fail to learn from them. Your leaders can start seeing the value of making mistakes by understanding 7 myths people believe about failure.

  • Why You Should Always 'Take The High Road'

    You’ve heard it before. “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business.” But business cannot be impersonalized. At its heart, commerce is a human enterprise, built on relationships between people. Your C-suite leaders, managers, and department heads know that in the workplace—as in the rest of life—relationships can get messy.

  • One of the greatest barriers to an organization achieving the results it desires is a silent danger. It is, in actuality, silence. Whenever conflict arises, managers can be tempted to avoid it, procrastinate dealing with it, or ask someone else to resolve it. However, the truth is that anytime leaders let conflict go—for whatever reason—it doesn’t just go away.