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  • You work hard to find good employees for your company. Maybe that’s why it can be such a struggle for you and your leaders to confront good employees—you’re all afraid of losing them. But the best companies create a culture that dares to confront when needed, a culture that mixes care with candor—in the correct ratio.

  • How To Fix Your Company Culture

    Maybe you’ve been there at some point—declining production, management mishaps, plummeting morale, etc. As a Human Resources leader, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by focusing on how to fix your company or how to empower your managers to fix their ailing departments. Your CEO and other C-suite leaders may look to you for answers, demanding a strategy to turn things around quickly. When this happens, you and your team can provide a short-term band-aid approach or propose a more foundational question and discuss the greater cultural context in which change takes place.

  • How To Motivate Employees

    Your leaders cannot change people. To some of your leadership team, this truth may come as a surprise. They may feel that if they just try hard enough, they can motivate everyone to do what is best for the team. But it just isn’t true. The truth is that a lot of conflict in the workplace comes from leaders trying to get people to act—then becoming frustrated when they don't.

  • Why You Should Always 'Take The High Road'

    You’ve heard it before. “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business.” But business cannot be impersonalized. At its heart, commerce is a human enterprise, built on relationships between people. Your C-suite leaders, managers, and department heads know that in the workplace—as in the rest of life—relationships can get messy.