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  • So much of learning is “caught, not taught.” No one recognizes the value of a firm foundation of formal training more than executives and HR leaders like you. And yet, you can’t do it all. You need a culture of learning that leverages the training you provide to create impromptu, unscripted opportunities to grow.

  • If you have a leadership role within your organization or head up human resources in your company, you already know the challenge of keeping employees engaged. You also know the high cost of disengaged employees. Employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, two-way commitment and communication between an organization and its members. When done well, it increases the chances of success for your team leaders, improves organizational and individual performance, and increases productivity.

  • How To Retain Employees: 10 Tips For Retention

    What’s one thing leaders in your company wish they didn’t have to do so often? If you answered “hiring” you are not alone. Our trainers hear a lot these days about the high costs of hiring—and for good reason. More and more employees are disengaged.

  • 6 Tips for Better Team Communication

    How many times have you heard your managers complain that employees just don’t seem to be focused on their jobs? If you’re like most Human Resource directors and department heads, the answer is quite a bit. An engaged employee—one who is fully focused on and enthusiastic about his or her work—is a rare commodity these days.