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  • Corporate leadership development should be a paramount part of your organization’s budget. Only a strong executive sponsorship will make this happen.

  • There is tremendous value in a question. Not necessarily a question to other people – although this obviously has merit – but a question to ourselves. As executive leaders, we have the opportunity to better ourselves and those around us on a daily basis. Let’s take it a step further to say we have the responsibility to do so. That’s because our employees, customers and stakeholders depend on us to live out leadership in significant ways.

  • Leading today’s multigenerational workforce is no laughing matter – or is it? Connecting through humor, conversation and leadership development can bridge the growing gap between executives and employees.

  • If we define culture to be the values and behaviors that govern an organization, then we can adequately discuss the immense power of a leadership culture in terms of how managers and executives approach and perform leadership (or fail to) within it. Leadership is not a position, but a process. It doesn’t just happen, but is shaped. Start with building a clear set of values and watch your leaders blossom before your eyes.