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  • Building a culture of inclusion among employees of all ages and knowledge backgrounds is a top driver of financial performance. When people don’t get along, nothing works well. Production falters, profits fall, and people leave. As a leader who cares about developing people and training them to succeed in your company, you’ll want to develop a “holistic inclusion and diversity program that touches all talent practices.”

  • The people in your company that most often achieve leadership positions are the ones who work hard to produce results. But the results your leaders want won’t depend solely on their hard work. If they only count hard work as success, your leaders and managers can get tunnel vision. Your leaders need more to get the results they want. They need to think about getting the results they want by building the team they need.

  • You work hard to find good employees for your company. Maybe that’s why it can be such a struggle for you and your leaders to confront good employees—you’re all afraid of losing them. But the best companies create a culture that dares to confront when needed, a culture that mixes care with candor—in the correct ratio.

  • It’s not a secret. The strength of your company’s vision and the health of your company’s culture will dictate its potential for success. As a human resources leader, you are pivotal in making the connection between vision and culture. But how can you do that when you feel locked out of the C-suite decision-making process?