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  • C-suite executives embrace strategic thinking as part of their regular routine. They intentionally take control of tomorrow by thinking about it today. They use their foresight to craft a strategy—thinking ahead with a design and a goal in mind. It might not be that easy, but leaders at all levels within the organization can take specific steps to get better at looking ahead.

  • It costs a lot to replace a good employee—some estimates put the cost at equal to or greater than the annual salary of the employee. Yet more than ever, employees want growth opportunities and paths for personal development to stay at a company. By helping good employees become great leaders, you not only position your company for success, you increase employee retention in the process.

  • When people trust one another, everything works better. Relationships run smoother, conflicts are minimal, and productivity rises. But building trust doesn’t happen by accident. It requires conscious effort to build trust with the leaders in your company and for them to build trust with the leaders on their teams.

  • 7 Keys To More Authentic Leadership

    People will do what their leaders do. If your leaders want dedicated, thoughtful, productive people on their team, they must model those characteristics. If the leaders in your company are not walking the walk they ask of their team members, people will quickly realize they are not authentic. Trust will decline, taking influence and productivity with it.