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  • The difference between retaining your company's good employees and losing them to the competition can be as simple as the difference between equipping them to do a good job and developing them into great leaders. When you equip people, you teach them how to do a job. Development is different. When you develop people, your managers help them improve as individuals.

  • It costs your company from one to three times a good employee’s salary to replace him or her. The time and effort required to replace these employees can be devastating to a company, not to mention the loss of production in their absence. Your company can do something about it. One of the most effective ways to avoid losing good employees is to use “stay interviews.”

  • When people face life-and-death situations, it’s easy to see the value of strategic thinking. But the need remains great even when painful consequences aren’t immediately evident. Companies like yours need leaders who understand the value of strategic thinking. The Law of Navigation states that nearly anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a real leader to chart the course. It takes strategic thinking to lead your teams to their destinations.

  • 3 Key Human Resource Trends to Watch in 2017

    Alexander Graham Bell knew a thing or two about revolutionary success. The inventor of the telephone said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key.” As your company transitions from one year to the next, what human resource trends should you watch for to prepare for success?