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  • High-stress environments are becoming the new norm for executive leadership. According to a recent Robert Half Management Resources survey, 66 percent of chief financial officers said it was more challenging to be a company leader today than it was five years ago.

  • 7 Ways To Boost Creativity in the Workplace

    Negative environments kill thousands of great ideas every minute—ideas your company needs to stay competitive. Your leaders and managers are the ones who choose to cultivate a creative workplace environment or to stifle new ideas before they can grow. So what are your managers doing to cultivate the creative instincts of your employees? Here are 7 ways leaders can intentionally cultivate the kind of creative culture where ideas flow freely.

  • The 3 R's of Time Management

    ​Important topics for every generation, priorities and time management seem to become more and more crucial every decade. Today, in the age of the smartphone and social media, even technology has joined the fight for our most precious commodity: TIME. There are three critical questions to ask yourself before any decision on where to invest your time.

  • 3 Tips For Laying Off Employees

    How does a good leader handle layoffs? Especially when they need to lay off a good and valued employee? Here’s a great approach: First, a leader should not ask others to make sacrifices until he’s made some himself. A good employee is simply too valuable to let go without exhausting other options.