About this workshop

Every leader has a style of leading. Because people are unique, leaders exist in all shapes and sizes. And there is no one size that fits all. But in many organizations, leadership success is defined narrowly, according to a certain personality type – usually the top leader’s. This “success box” limits the remaining leaders, often forcing them to change to fit inside the “box.”

What if we told you there is a better way? That a leadership style exists that suits you personally, and both feels natural and delivers results?

Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style is a one-day workshop that assesses and examines each participant’s specific leadership style, with the help of one of the best personality assessments on the market today. Through clear and practical instruction on their own personal style, participants learn to lead in the way that most fits them, resulting in more trust from followers, improved communication, and increased team effectiveness.


  • Identify your own personal style of leadership
  • Understand how to manage conflict, change, and personality differences, according to your specific style
  • Uncover and learn to overcome your blind spots as a leader
  • Maximize your strengths and manage your weaknesses for the good of the team

Who is this training for?

  • Leaders who desire to find their own “sweet spot” for effective leadership
  • Leaders who need to gain more influence and results
  • Emerging leaders who wish to start out leading according to their unique style


  • Section 1: Introducing "YOU"!
    • See how The Success Box can restrict growth
    • Understand why authenticity matters to success
    • Identify blind spots and what causes them
    • Develop sensitivity to the Intention-Interpretation Gap
    • Recognize the value in diverse perspectives
  • Section 2: Discovering How You Are Wired
    • Learn how to harness the power of the assessment results
    • Understand RighPath4 and how to relate to others
    • Discover the value of being a Bridge-Builder
    • Connect with others who are wired differently
    • Apply the learning through a practical case study
  • Section 3: Going Deeper For Greater Self-Awareness
    • Understand RightPath6 and deeper personality tendencies
    • Learn their most intense strengths and struggles
    • Identify and apply their relationship keys
    • Learn their natural approaches for dealing with conflict
    • See how they respond to change and why
  • Section 4: Leveraging Your Authentic Leadership Style
    • Realize that everything rises and falls on leadership
    • Discuss how personality hard-wiring can increase influence
    • Turn what has been learned into an action plan
    • Complete a personal profile to take away as a guide to better lead and succeed

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