Success Stories

Caring For Your Corporate Family

Collin Sewell, President, Sewell Family Companies,

In 2009, the Sewell Family Companies faced a challenging decision: they could lay off some of their team, or they could dig in, take pay cuts and ride the economic hardship out together. "The test of teamwork," says Collin Sewell, president of the Sewell Family Companies, "is when times are tough." The team chose to stay on and take a pay cut – a choice, Collin says, that reflected one of the company's favorite John C. Maxwell sayings: "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Because the team felt cared for, they stayed on and ultimately received a check as a thank you from a grateful Collin. Watch the video to hear team members explain why they truly believe The John Maxwell Company is helping them live out their corporate vision to "build a better tomorrow."

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